Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem

BS Records

Street: 10.27

Dethklok = Dark Throne + Cryptopsy

Yup, this is a literal rock opera. It threw me off too. Working as a soundtrack to the Metalocalypse special, this album covers in Broadway-style fashion the aftermath of the abduction of Toki Wartooth and his girlfriend, the Doomstar prophecy of the Church of the Black Klok, and the band coming to the realization that they must save their brother or face the wrath of the media and fans who are looking for him.

Brendon Small reaffirms his musical prowess by delivering some seriously excellent theater songs mixed with ’80s pop, orchestral epics, chorus, and of course death metal, providing most of the vocals himself and working with Bear McCready of Battlestar Galactica fame on the orchestra arrangements. Listen up for cameos by Jack Black, Malcom McDowell, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, and Mark Hamill.

This isn’t a death metal album, but if you have enough humor to enjoy the show, the album is worth it. It’s extremely well written, and epic as all hell. –Megan Kennedy