DHG / Dødheimsgard
A Umbra Omega
Street: 03.17
DHG / Dødheimsgard = Ved Buens Ende + Strid + Ephel Duath
Dødheimsgard, now known as DHG, have undergone changes in their sound since starting as black metal and then moving on to experimental realms. The core duo, members Vicotnik and Aldrahn, have outdone themselves with A Umbra Omega. It is as solid as an experimental album goes. With some black metal elements still in place, it echoes the legend of Ved Buens Ende. The band messes around with tempos, keeping the album excessively manic. More important is the progressive nature of the song structures—they’ve used the piano before, but this is the best it’s sounded. The use of acoustic and mellower sounds transition from the former extremity and hyperactivity of the band. I love albums that draw something different out of listening each time. With its dynamics, this album will easily give me something new with every listen. –Bryer Wharton