Dick Diver
Melbourne, Florida
Chapter Music
Street: 03.10
Dick Diver = The English Beat + Fleetwood Mac + Twerps
This is something subtly good and well worth a spin. Though I find it hard to peg a solid description of Melbourne, Florida’s sound in its entirety, I would suggest that this is an album that contributes to the cache of The Go-Betweens-like groove that has been defined by others, like The Twerps. I can say it is uniquely provoking, yet calm and unassuming. Lyrically, it borders on poetic brilliance—but honestly, that’s only the tip of what makes this a great listen. This is 12 solid tracks that command attention, but for a tease, I would recommend the calming nostalgia of “Year In Pictures,” the synth-heavy “Competition” and, just for good measure, dig “Boomer Class.” I confess that this kind of genre rarely perks my interest due to a certain irritating calmness, but Melbourne, Florida is very much the exception—I’ll definitely be spinning this again. –Nick Kuzmack