Dinos Boys
Last Ones
Die Slaughterhouse/Oops Baby Records
Street: 03.14
Dinos Boys = early The Damned x The Boys

There’s something in the water in Atlanta, as Dinos Boys have certainly joined the ranks of The Coathangers and Black Lips as rocking Georgians, killing it with their brand of ’77 punk with Last Ones. From opening track “Catapult” (whose catchy verse sings, “Catapult, catapult me up!”), they (dis)grace the airwaves with three-chord songs and short, sweet, double-stop solos. Having seen them at SXSW, I’ve visually confirmed that quite a large portion of their vocals are gang vox, shared by frontmen Danny Song and Chase Noles (The Heart Attacks), which works in their favor in creating rock n’ roll that’s subtly anthemic, but mostly snotty, akin to Billy Boy’s rival gang in A Clockwork Orange. The songs are a bit more subdued on the record than they are live, but this plays out beneficially, transposed to a vinyl setting. My favorite track is “Bloody Carpet,” but each song on this record is fucking good with sing-along “ohs” and “whoas.” It’s strange and exciting that a rock n’ roll form created almost 40 years ago can be so refreshing. –Alexander Ortega