Review: Dismal Swamp Lords – Self-Titled

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Dismal Swamp Lords

Bossy Lil’ Thing Records
Street: 09.08
Dismal Swamp Lords = The Cramps + The Gun Club

Every now and then, there is a group that pops up with a superior quality that is catchy as hell and backed by a hard, rocking sound. Dismal Swamp Lords’ exquisite mix Western-bluesy punk rock n’ roll is energetically fun—quite the fun listen. It’s swampy and provoking but maintains a lyrical simplicity. Overall, this has some good rock n’ roll whose bog-filled distortion borders on some psychedelic notions, and is true to its blues-laden roots. Top numbers to consider are the opening track, “Black Crow Blues,” and the instrumental, uptempo number, “I Married A Marxist” and the swampy, “Mystery Boots.” –Nick Kuzmack