Dog Party Vol. 4 album cover.

Review: Dog Party – Vol. 4

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Dog Party

Vol. 4

Asian Man Records

Street: 06.16

Dog Party = The Muffs + Baby Shakes

The beauty here is the power that Dog Party blasts out behind their poppy simplicity. I mean, what’s not to like in an album that is shrouded in the innocence of punchy, heavy guitar riffs and ’90s-influenced punk pop?

Vol 4. wonderfully blends catchy, fun and simple with all the best aspects of heavy rock and Ramones-inspired punk-y attitude into 13 sweet and sugary tracks. Notable numbers worthy of an ear-bleeding reputation include “Dead Guy,” “Space Invader” and, of course, the heavy and jumpy “Girlfriend.” So, if you need the infectious nature of pop, this may be for you. –Nick Kuzmack