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Review: Doomsquad – Pageantry Suite

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doomsquad pageantry suite album coverDoomsquad
Pageantry Suite

Bella Union
Street: 05.25
Doomsquad = Odesza + AWOLNATION + Grizzly Bear

What sounds like an updated and less campy version of The B-52s is a Toronto-based, all-sibling group that channels a #vibe à la Yoko Ono. The opening track on the five-song EP begins with a slow, ethereal synth sound before turning into a faster-paced funk beat and includes lyrics that read more like a psychedelic manifesto. “Here we are again, encountering each other through a two-way mirror / But you can’t see me, only yourself and this fear you live in / Now I’ve got something over you,” the male vocalist shouts in a monotonous and echoing tone throughout the song. The rest of the EP stays within a similar archetype of psychedelia. The EP features three original tracks and two remixes of the first two songs, “Two Way Mirror” and “Apocalypso.” This album is something worth checking out no matter what you normallly listen to. –Julia Sachs