Review: Dorthia Cottrell – Self-Titled

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dorthia cottrell s/t album cover

Dorthia Cottrell

Street: 03.03
Dorthia Cottrell = Lilly Hiatt + Lydia Lunch and Cypress Grove

Dorthia Cottrell flawlessly encompasses the somber, apathetic and forlorn experience of depression. Every syllable enunciated is so full of emotion that the underlying acoustic guitar becomes almost nonexistent. Dorthia Cottrell’s dusty vocals ring out in poetic utterances that, even though not heard before, seem so familiar that they almost feel like a part of you. “Gold” twangs hungry tendons, and “Maybe It’s True” rips at the chest in a whirlwind of gloomy country. I have spent a good portion of my life sitting in dark cemeteries leaning my ear to the silence and getting drunk off my lamentations. Somehow, Cottrell has been there with me for all of it. –LeAundra Jeffs