Doug Keith
The Village Label
Street: 02.11
Doug Keith = Bill Callahan + Rust Never Sleeps-era Neil Young
It’s important to stay warm in the winter. I have twice received frostbite, due in part to my own negligence and in part to the negligence of my parents. To warm up, I like hot cocoa and toilet wine and folksy singer-songwriters who sing about how “The Weather’s Fucking Awful”—but mostly toilet wine. Pony, the new Doug Keith album, is low-key and warm and not without a few surprises. Namely, the best track on the album, “Pure Gold in the ’70s,” rips at the seams midway and bursts open with a J Mascis guitar solo, and from there, the track is a pure slacker anthem, a salute to the children of the ’70s. Pony also has more than enough warmth and attitude to get me through winter.
–Taylor Hale