Drew McDowall

Review: Drew McDowall – Collapse

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Drew McDowall – Collapse

Drew McDowall

Dais Records
Street: 09.25
Drew McDowall = Synesthesia + Zombi / Matt Uelmen

Imagine opening an inter-dimensional gateway to an H.P. Lovecraft world where time, space, and the very reality you once knew becomes something unfamiliar yet intriguing. The subtle synth in the background of Collapse is a like a flickering lightbulb—just enough uneasy light to illuminate the surroundings. The track “Hypnotic Congress” does a perfect job of illustrating this strange audial journey, and as the tension grows, so does the excitement to hear what comes next. I really liked this album—it reminded me of playing Diablo 2 in my dad’s eerie basement back in my younger years. If you enjoy an electronic, Lovecraft-esque listening experience, then I would suggest you pick this album up and keep your eye on what comes next. Seeth McGavien