Unsatisfied Records / Lolipop Records
Street: 04.08
DCTV = Minus the Bear + Pinback + Cool Ghouls
DTCV, pronounced “detective” as a fitting homage to Jean-Luc Godard, brings together an excellent album for the shoegaze, pseudo-psychedelic and girl-fronted punk fans. It’s very reminiscent of James Greer’s former band, Guided by Voices, with the strange stylings of Guylaine Vivarat. I slightly prefer the off-beat “However Strange” to this album. However, UPTIME! has more personal songs like “Early Alone” and “Don’t Be Stupid.” My most played song is “California Girl,” which is like the Beach Boys’ version—if it were more like “I Know There’s An Answer” with a dash of Modest Mouse. Keeping in style, this album will be released on both vinyl and cassette along with downloadable tour documentary and a special VHS tape. It’s excellent aimless driving music, and Vivarat’s wavering voice induces a dreamy state compared to Greer’s more Sondre Lerche pop stylings. Try to catch them on tour, because I’m sure they’d be even more enjoyable live. –Taylor Hoffman