Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 01.13
Dwarves = Descendents + The Meatmen 

As the band that makes the claim that they invented rock n’ roll and would never die, you can only imagine what the Dwarves will continue to do for the rest of eternity. The Dwarves soldier on with their elegant blend of punk rock and comedy that have had them toeto-toe with longtime rivals The Meatmen. The title track proclaims their elegance, which is rapidly compromised by the lyrics of “Trisexual”—“Kings of the World” is self-explanatory. The Dwarves haven’t lost their edge at all—their personalities still lack moral hygiene, their music is void of any fertility, and they still go out of their way on every album and EP to remind us that their mythos is still that of disgust. –Eric U. Norris