Earth Crisis
Salvation of Innocents
Street: 03.04
Earth Crisis = Hatebreed + Cavalera Conspiracy + Skinfather

How do you continue to be relevant some 20 years after you wrote one of the most iconic riffs in hardcore history? By releasing a concept album and comic book tie-in, of course. While it may seem like a cash grab, this has its merits as both the album and comic revolve around animal rights—well-worn territory for Earth Crisis. Salvation of Innocents further continues their march to being a predominantly metal band, with pronounced leads and straight metal riffing. A few of the tracks hint at what Earth Crisis could be doing to add to their legacy 20-plus years into their career, but unfortunately, too much of the album has a generic metalcore feel to it. Additionally, ill-advised clean vocal passages and an antiseptic mix drag it down. Not a miss, but not of the blood-pumping caliber these guys are capable of either. –Peter Fryer