From The Ages
Tee Pee
Street: 10.08.13
Earthless = Blue Cheer + Pink Floyd + Ted Nugent
Whether through mere folly or the duty of genius, Earthless open their latest with an unabated quarter hour of stack-amplified tweedle-deedle-dee. This is “Free Bird” entered through the outro. Imagine—a dozen layers deep in stoner blues—forgetting there was ever a verse or chorus, or ever any vocals at all, even air to breathe. Imagine tossing the whole structural fuckload and just soloing in brazen différance. To consider this is to glimpse the errance of From The Ages, a shameless hour of protracted Double Live Gonzo! endings and wah-wahs hooked on Paganini. Too much, in this case, may well be too goddamn much already. Still, the mind boggles at the sheer quantity of plasma Earthless can tap from a single musical vein. This is exegetical audacity of a kind seldom seen outside the kabbalistic Zohar, on a scale approaching Sleep’s sprawling Dopesmoker. –Brian Kubarycz