Review: Ego Likeness – When the Wolves Return

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Ego Likeness
When the Wolves Return

Metropolis Records
Street: 07.10
Ego Likeness = KMFDM + Stoneburner + The Azoic

When you listen to music from this band, you consistently get creative lyrics about mythical, magical and haunting tales plus a phenomenal sound. For example, the track “I Let You” kicks off early with a pulsating beat and has stimulating layers of music that pull you in. The song had me wondering where they were going to go next with their sound. Frontwoman Donna Lynch’s vocal style is commanding yet comforting. She uses few effects, which allows her true talent to show. The backing chime with the driving beat makes this one of the best songs I have heard this year. “When The Wolves Return” has a great gothic feel, which pulls on my heartstrings with its meaningful lyrics. This release is a mixture of gothic and guitar–filled industrial music that is properly done. I’m ecstatic that it’s now in my arsenal. –Mistress Nancy