El mató a un policía motorizado
La Dinastia Scorpio
Nacional Records
Street: 07.29
El mató a un policía

motorizado = Built To Spill + Pixies

If you don’t typically listen to music in Spanish, don’t fret—this music transcends language barriers. La Dinastía Scorpio is the first American release for these creative indie-rockers, who have toured festivals in the U.S., including Lollapalooza and SXSW. With synth keyboards like The Strokes and engaging melodies like Minus the Bear, this album has a strong balance of both acoustic and garage rock elements. “Más o menos bien” has a distinct twinkling, resonating sound, while “Noche negra” is a layered electric lullaby. El mató’s music is bright and has an eager, youthful tone that’s entirely endearing. There’s a touch of wistfulness that makes it ideal as an end of summer album. –Kia McGinnis