Elusive Parallelograms
Fragments EP
Street: 07.02
Elusive Parallelograms = Animal Collective + Deerhunter

This EP tears me in two different directions. I like half of it, but the other half makes me want to yank my headphones off and smash them into oblivion. Fragments opens with “Lucidity,” a mess of sounds and music—which would be impressive if there were two people creating all the noise, but, when you have six people all playing instruments, it becomes less so. Things start turning around with “Semantics” and “8-bit,” easily the best songs out of the six on the EP. “Semantics” drifts more into the rock side of things and, while it’s nice to see bands branch out genre wise, it’s clear this is where their six members merge together best. “8-bit” is fast and fun, and demands a little ass-shakin’. Unfortunately, the end of Fragments returns to the muddle it started with. I recommend checking Elusive Parallelograms out on Bandcamp before dropping any cash on their music—it’s hit or miss. –John Ford