Empire Before All
Street: 12.10.13
Empire Before All = It Dies Today + Bleeding Through
I sure love independent EPs that come from left field and kick you in the face. Empire Before All have some fantastic bravery with regard to vocal variation, including guest appearances by Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse and Carson Slovak of Century; they shake up the sound and give each song its own interesting flavor. Their style harkens back to the golden days of metalcore, albeit a little more on the thick end, grabbing influence from the generation bands like Emmure and The Dead Lay Waiting. The melody, the rage, the swampy breakdown, and the smart licks all add up to an addictive listen. They add some electronic flavoring, which I could do without, but that’s just personal preference, and the band uses it sparingly. It’s a short album, but I think these dudes are demonstrating maturity in their songwriting and production far ahead of some of the peers in their genre. –Megan Kennedy