Flies EP
The Compound
Street: 10.01.13
Enabler = Integrity + Coliseum + late-era Entombed
Milwaukee metalli-crust cross bearers have another riotous go at H-E-A-V-Y (Their contribution to the Power of the Riff mix tape is a rager!) and achieve phenomenal results. Flies contains all the atmospheric weight, nuance and rage of a full-on heavy metal epic, manhandled into six cohesive cuts. The discordant strains of genre definers From Ashes Rise lie in the off-kilter melodies of “Shift” and “Flies,” but the band hits their stride when they slow the gallop and strut their thunderous grooves. Check the madcap riffing and primal concrete mosh of “Meaningless Life” and “Sleep Forever.” Enabler’s newest record is a thick, undulating, slithering mess of sludge-beast, far more compelling than its constituent sonic reference points. –Dylan Chadwick