Entropic Adance – Prism Cell

Review: Entropic Advance – Prism Cell

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Entropic Adance – Prism Cell

Entropic Advance
Prism Cell

Component Recordings
Street: 07.01.15
Entropic Advance = Aphex Twin + Boards of Canada

Dark, progressive, experimental electronic duo Entropic Advance is making waves in the noise/EDM scene of Denver. Prism Cell is gritty and industrial sounding. “It Only Feels Like It’s The End,” “We Are Here Now” and “Fine Blanks” are all proof of that. These two seem to take themselves and their craft pretty seriously. I wasn’t quite as committed. But maybe their jams are meant to be experienced live. Or as the soundtrack of someone who’s stuck in a k-hole with only a trumpet and a synth for company. –Kamryn Feigel