Review: Eszter Balint – Airless Midnight

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Eszter Balint
Airless Midnight

Red Herring / eOne
Street: 08.07
Eszter Balint = White Magic + Rasputina

Eszter Balint is a wicked mix of sultry black widow and eerie freak-folk banshee. Airless Midnight swings seamlessly from bass-heavy ’90s alt rock to banjo-twanging, black bluegrass. Morbid lyrics slither like a death adder into eardrums with eyelids fluttering and mouth agape. “Let’s Tonight It” is heavy, swirling and dissonant with a chugging, seemingly broken bar piano. “The Mother” is drunken and allegorical. Feverish lust exudes from this album. It feels like sinning, and who doesn’t like some temptation? 
–LeAundra Jeffs