Evan Ønly

No Matter What EP

Underwater Peoples


Street: 02.01

Evan Ønly = Soft Cell + Pet Shop Boys

In his debut solo EP, Evan Brody takes an old sound and makes it new again. Most of No Matter What could easily be mistaken for classic ’80s music, which, as far as this writer is concerned, the world needs more of. “Take Me Back” is arguably the strongest track from the EP—the beat might be slow, but the song is powerful and gets your head rocking—though the title track, “No Matter What,” certainly earns its spot as the album’s first single. Fans of Family Portrait, a band fronted by Brody and made up of Underwater Peoples’ founders, will appreciate how much more Brody’s voice stands out on this solo EP compared to previous EP releases. No Matter What is fun to listen to, and Brody is certainly an artist to keep an eye on. –John Ford