Ex Cops


Downtown Records

Street: 11.10

Ex Cops = Ariel Pink + Lush

With their debut album, Ex Cops presents a work that represents the entirety of an abundance of catchy noise pop that requires only the most passive of listening. Though it is strangely catchy, I suspect this is the result of the poppy element from “White Noise” and “Pretty Shitty” which infects my mind with its bland simplicity.

The only redeeming quality that makes listening to this album somewhat engaging experience is “Tragically Alright.” This number which was co-written with Ariel Pink, and manages to keep my attention through its solid buildup of soothing pop rock that perks my ears up.

This one track is reason enough to put my feet up and crank the volume. Unfortunately, this in its entirety is not the most remarkable thing on the block, but it makes for OK background music. –Nick Kuzmack