EX Hex


Merge Records

Street: 10.07

EX Hex = Suzi Quatro + The Runaways + Giuda

This record requires constant repetition, as this is quite simply one of the most brilliant albums to blast through my sound system to date. This one is smooth and fast, so pay attention. This will make your heart bleed, knock you down and electrify the inspiration for some healthy, sporadic, volatile jumping about.

It blends 1970s punk attitude found in ”Don’t Wanna Lose” with the rocker-underdog spirit found on “New Kid.” There’s also a hint of glam—see “Everywhere.” This all-girl trio gives you an essential dose of the lethal concoction of rock n’ roll strychnine to make life worthwhile.

This was made for listening with the volume dial on your stereo pushing the limits of what it can handle. Get it, put it on, turn it up and tune in. –Nick Kuzmack