Expert Alterations

Review: Expert Alterations – Self-Titled

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Expert AlterationsExpert Alterations

Slumberland Records
Street: 06.02
Expert Alterations = The Close Lobsters x The Wedding Present x The June Brides x The Clean

Expert Alterations’ smashing 2014 self-released cassette is gettin’ spun on a one-sided 12” vinyl record inside a blue n’ white sleeve reminiscent of a Field Mice 7”, courtesy of indiepop hitmaker Slumberland. Adhering to the cult of good song, these Baltimore guitar popsters write ’em like archers shoot arrows—direct and to the heart of it. With such precision, the trio whip up thumpin’ bass, chiming guitar jangle, deadpan vocals and nervous drumming into five terrific tunes. Whether a primer for that first foray into C86 land or another badge for your collection, check this one out. –Christian Schultz