External Menace/The Droogettes

Review: External Menace / The Droogettes – Split 7″

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External MenaceThe Droogettes

External Menace/The Droogettes
Split 7”

Rebel Sound
Street: 06.01
External Menace/The Droogettes = The Varukers + UK Subs + The Damned + The Adicts

I, like most, love a solid punk-rock split, especially when it’s held with a combination of old-school UK82 punk and new-age Oi! The legendary External Menace enter the scope with “Playin’ God”—a combination of skanked up rhythms and lyrics revolving around Deus ex Machina. It then moves into “Rights Now,” which still holds its moonstomper rhythms whilst channeling a raw, Motörhead-style guitar crunch. However, The Droogettes don’t pull any punches—these Philly newbies bolster their A Clockwork Orange–influenced combo of Oi! and ’77 punk. The ever-so-catchy “Girls at the Milk Bar” and “Antifa Roller Skating” will have you dancing and singing along in no time. If there is a will to bask in the nostalgia of old-school punk sounds while still hearing something new, put on this 7”. You’ll love it! –Eric U. Norris