Street: 05.27

Eyehategod = Crowbar + Sourvein + Outlaw Order

What’s fourteen years with no full-length album mean for Eyehategod? A whole lot of nothing other than what was just pointed out. The musicians had ample bands, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem, Down, Soilent Green so on and son on to fill their time. The crew with the pendulum over their skulls to make a solid album considering their own name and the fact they basically helped created the sludge metal genre.

The self-titled record from Phil Anselmo’s Houscore records offers that sludge in it’s most dense form. Tunes like “Quitters Offensive,” are a great reminder of the slow bluesy grit that inspired the rockers. While “Agitation! Propaganda! “ is probably the harshest and fastest the band has sounded probably spun from the angst around NOLA’s hellish times after Katrina. Other tracks balance the slow with the groove proving Eyehategod sit a throne of sludge. -Bryer Wharton