First Base

You’ve Got A Hold On Me EP


Street: 01.15

First Base = Rudi + Protex + The Beat + Ramones

First Base’s You’ve Got A Hold On Me EP plays on a nostalgic power-pop Ramones-meet–The Beach Boys sound, while also nodding their heads toward the Good Vibrations era of late-1970’s U.K. punk.

All of this is clear from the get go once the needle drops down on “You’ve Got A Hold On Me,” as my speakers blast out these killer hooks with punchy yet simple, re-laxed, “I want you to hold my hand”–type rock n’ roll.

You’ve Got A Hold On Me is groovy to the ears, and if turned it up all the way, it might even inspire some bopping around. So check it out, and pay attention to what comes next. –Nick Kuzmack