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Review: Flavor Waster – It’s Always Sunny When You’re Cool

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Flavor Waster
It’s Always Sunny When You’re Cool

School of Resentment
Street: 11.20.15
Flavor Waster = Marriages x Battles

I am constantly expecting It’s Always Sunny When You’re Cool to be something that it’s not. This is a mixed blessing because, while I’m constantly and consistently surprised by things like Flavor Waster’s orchestration, I also get the feeling that something is occasionally out of place. “The Comments” is a strong opener and my favorite track, with thick bass, a fat presence and tight drumming. “Brunswick” introduces a softer side of Flavor Waster in a blissful layering of percussion, pianos and vocals. Unfortunately, the melodies don’t always seem to fit with the harmony, and the album’s slower material, like “Private Language,” couldn’t hold my attention. Flavor Waster are good at playing fast, which is good because there are a lot of strong, quick tracks here, but the album’s slower tracks are not always the easiest listen. –Alex Blackburn