Review: Fractal Mirror – Garden of Ghosts

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Fractal Mirror Garden of Ghosts album cover

Fractal Mirror
Garden of Ghosts

Third Contact
Street: 11.11.14
Fractal Mirror = Yes + The Verve Pipe / Genesis

Garden of Ghosts had my imagination jumping between a 1970s sci-fi vision of the future and a local acoustic band playing in a 1990s coffee shop. This album combines quite different elements that somehow come together rather naturally. The song “Phoenix” is a great example of some vintage synth and ’70s-style guitar riffs. Songs like “Solar Flare Reprise” lose the ’70s-style guitar and vintage synth for the sound of a distant, distorted guitar, soft piano and ambient electronic strings. Leo Koperdraat’s vocals are soft and soothing but often sound like a ghost calling from the past, due to the use of echo and reverb, such as in the track “House of Wishes.” I enjoyed Garden of Ghosts but was left feeling a little confused on what style they were going for. If you enjoy experimental music, I would recommend this album—if a set style is what you are looking for, then this album is not for you. –Seeth McGavien