Fucked Up
Year of the Hare
Deathwish Inc
Street: 06.16
Fucked Up = (Mclusky + 
The Evens) / Ceremony

Fucked Up have been in the process of releasing their annual EP corresponding to the Chinese calendar—this is the Year of the Hare. Even though Sufjan Stevens did something similar years ago (I’m not the first person to realize this), this project trumps Stevens’ early work with its depth and fury. The title track would be the perfect “alarm clock” song for people like myself who need a gentle shove out of bed. For the first 10 minutes, this album crawls quietly under the covers with haunting, glassy piano, followed by folky-time-tea acoustic joys, then spasms of hot coffee fuzz metal. Its acidic, mauve bass tones and tangerine stanzas overwhelm the senses, thus waking you up. For just being two songs, this EP puts you in the mood to conquer all the Fucked Up adult stuff you gotta do. If you ever wanted to wake up and start spooning King Buzzo, pick up this pick-me-up. –Alex Cragun