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Review: Full Scale Riot – Depopulation

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full scale riot depopulation album coverFull Scale Riot

Riot Records
Street: 02.08
Full Scale Riot = Bane + Vision of Disorder + Burn

Armed with an old school hardcore sound and an arsenal of politically themed lyrics, these NJHC heavyweights tear it up with this torrential EP. Hailing from New Jersey—home to hardcore giants like Vision and Mouthpiece—FSR discernibly hold a lighter to them with the opening track “War,” which will put listeners into a frenzy of flailing fists and spin kicks. “Sheeple” and “Betrayus” switch gears by giving a more groove-based rhythmic structure while vocalist BJ molds an MC-style vocal pattern while maintaining his gruff tone. “Depopulation” and “I Can’t Breathe” construct an equal amount of slow and sinister harmonies and frantic, thrash-style riffing that crafts a rampant end to this EP. Like their name declares, this EP feels much like a full scale riot—it invokes feelings of primal anger and repulsion-inflicting chaos. –Eric U. Norris