Fuzz – II

Review: FUZZ – II

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Fuzz – II


In the Red Records
Street: 10.23
FUZZ = Black Sabbath + WAND + Ty Segall’s green thumb

I have been desperately waiting for another album from FUZZ ever since I first saw them at Urban Lounge a year and some change ago. Ty Segall and Charles Moothart brought on their new bassist, Chad Ubovich (of Meatbodies), for II, and it seems to have a spawned an ominous new sound from the trio. The lyrics are darker and sneering behind their familiar trudging guitar riffs. Some of the better tracks, like “Pipe” and “Pollinate,” encourage a steadier, controlled head banging than the lead songs in their first album. However, the pickups are that much more welcomed and deliver consistently throughout. The approximately 10-minute-long beginning and end tracks, especially, really show what the band is capable of when they’re letting their hair down (or up [and back down again {repeatedly and very fast}]). FUZZ fans won’t be disappointed. –Nic Smith