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Review: Girlpool – Before The World Was Big

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Before The World Was Big

Wichita Recordings

Street: 06.02

Girlpool = Vivian Girls + Juliana Hatfield

Much like the little-kid world illustrated on the cover of the album, Before The World Was Big, the debut full-length by duo Girlpool is a colorful, nostalgic and stripped-down work that steadfastly holds the hand of that scared, trembling teen in all of us. The minimalism carried over from their EP Girlpool—bass, guitar and some killer sweet n’ shrill n’ soft harmonies give them crazy, consistent power—and each song is hard to hold over another. Their single, “Before The World Was Big,” is a great banner for the album.

It’s undeniably interesting and charming as fuck, and the chorus is sung in a somersault of a round at the end. “Emily” and my favorite, “Cherry Picking,” share an ebb of rawness, poignant guitar and desperate, beautiful vocals. The only difference between the two is that “Cherry Picking” makes me nod my head instead of droop it with sniffles. Listen to this album—it’s a flowery, genuine gem. –Erin Moore