Review: GIVERS – New Kingdom

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New Kingdom

Street: 11.13.15
GIVERS = Reptar + Grouplove + Dirty Projectors

It’s been four years since this Louisiana-based five-piece released their striving and disarmingly joyful debut album, In Light. Though certainly not lacking for energy, GIVERS’ new album shows that they’re chasing a much different monster than what some might have expected earlier. As a whole, New Kingdom is pulling for big emotions. The band washes themselves in reverbed-synth ambience and wide bass fuzz behind big choruses. For me, it wobbles a little between being captivating and being cheesy, but that’s kind of what I loved about the first album, too. The instrumentation stays true to their funk/zydeco/indie fusion, and the tracks still feature the playful back-and-forth singing of Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson. Check out “Sleeper Hold” (feat. Dr. John), “Sure Thang” and “Lightning.” –Nic Smith