Glow Marrow
Braver Days
Street: 03:05
Glow Marrow = Shout Out Louds + Yeasayer (Oddblood-era) x Animal Collective (Merriweather Post Pavilion)
This impressive EP showcases a young duo with a knack for symphony-like songs. They’re synth-oriented and very shimmery, with noticeable guitar riffs and a focus on vocals. The lead singer conjures the image of a young man holding the microphone stand on stage, belting out his lyrics with passion and eyes closed. Glow Marrow’s passion is their signature element. Where most indie synth rock bands produce songs that lean towards dance numbers or darker tracks Glow Marrow’s sound is simply just uplifting. “Aughts” begins with a drum and piano combination similar to U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day,” but forges its own path with the addition of xylophone stabs, and blends right into the title track, “Braver Days.” Hopefully, this CD makes it into the ears of some sad people or offbeat teenagers. You can stream it at