Album cover art for Tour 2013 EP by Goblin.

Review: Goblin – Tour EP

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Tour EP

Death Waltz Recording Company

Street: 10.01

Goblin = Zombi + Fabio Frizzi

Goblin is known as the band responsible for music in several of Dario Argento’s films, including his European edit of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (Zombi). Regarding the risk of disappointment inherent in hearing classic pieces revisited, fortunately, Death Waltz doesn’t release anything mediocre, and those who like their music are treated to beautiful, occasionally unsettling, artwork.

I predict that giallo fans will be quite happy with Tour EP. Goblin occupy a strange musical space, leaning most heavily toward prog, but also referencing creature feature organ music, when fitting. Profondo Rosso has long been one of my favorite Goblin scores, particularly the title track.

The version that appears on Tour EP is my favorite of the five pieces that make up the set. All performances stay true to the original compositions. So “Suspiria” still has the bells, but also the whispering that listeners will find either amusing or repellent. –T.H.