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Review: Green Velvet – Unshakable

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Green Velvet


Relief Records

Street: 10.28.13

Green Velvet = (Joey Beltram + Adam Beyer) * Carl Cox

Hailing from the techno hub of America, Chicago-based producer Green Velvet has again released another twisted masterpiece upon the world. Unshakable is another testament to Curtis Jones’ technical genius and employs flawless transitions and fluid beats. It is minimal yet complex—a trademark of any Green Velvet production.

Featured artists include Riva Starr, Oliver $, Harvard Bass and Craig Williams, to name a few, and Green Velvet’s own monotonous vocals are present on nearly every track—another classic trademark. This album is ahead of its time, and I’ve got a feeling that these tracks are going to be snaking their way into the club for at least the next decade, which, to be honest, is close to 100 years in the EDM culture. It is pure, unapologetic insanity—it’s THAT fucking good. –Kamryn Feigel