Days Are Gone

Columbia Records

Street: 09.30.13

Haim = Lykke Li + Tegan and Sara

It seems that a lot of all-chick bands get somewhat of a bad rap. I was pleasantly stoked at how much I instantly loved these three babes when I first peeped this album. Days Are Gone is danceable and groovy with just a titch of underlying edginess. “Falling” opens up the album up with the perfect amount of energy and likability. The vocals are clean and alluring and the beat is fun and damn catchy.

“The Wire” has similar vibes. The simple kick drum and offsetting claps will keep this track stuck in your head for days. But “My Song 5” is a bit darker and slower. Choppy and squelchy, this track possesses aspects of a grimy club track, which made it my favorite Haim piece to date. Hopefully these sisters can hang on to their momentum and continue making more tracks like these. –Kamryn Feigel