Harm Joy

Inside Out

73 Seconds Bismarck

Street: 05.09

Harm Joy = Assemblage 23 + Benny Benassi + Covenant

This is the first maxi-EP from the upcoming album “Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud”. Ølåf Reimers of Tyske Ludder and Dan Van Hoyel of the Swedish band Titans have created a refreshing sounds that are a combination of the 90’s future pop and a mixture of today’s EBM. I was immediately lured into “Inside Out,” as it starts with samples of the legendary movie trailer voice Hal Douglas. This track is in the running for one of my favorite releases of the year with its clean, clear and precise vocals and escalating synth and bass tracks. The lyrics are full of meaning that any “goth” or “freak” will surely relate to as they address the stares, judgment and criticism of others. “Whispers and Rumors” is also amazing, as it is compiled with stimulating, and danceable climaxing beats. This tease has me very excited to hear the release in its entirety.