Review: Heaters – Holy Water Pool

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Holy Water Pool

Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Street: 09.25
Heaters = Max Pain & The Groovies + The Growlers

By seemingly re-creating the peak energy levels of an intense beachside acid trip, Heaters have put together an album of no-bullshit, surf-psych jams that hardly slow down. Holy Water Pool seems perpetually on the verge of losing control of itself with its fast tempos, expansive guitar and vocal effects. It’s fun as hell to listen to. Songs like “Propane” and “Bad Beat” shove familiar blues riffs through musical fire drills in a way that’s kind of breathtaking. Even in their slower tracks, “Gum Drop” (Pink Floyd’s “Speak to Me/ Breathe” comes to mind) and “Honey,” the breadth of Heaters’ guitar drones allows for both contemplation and movement. These guys are Michigan-bred, but they’ve nailed a West Coast sound, which is hard to produce in interesting ways these days. Take this one out somewhere new. –Nic Smith