Review: High-Functioning Flesh – Definite Structures

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High-Functioning Flesh
Definite Structures

Dais Records
Street: 05.26
High-Functioning Flesh = Nitzer Ebb + Cocksure + Portion Control

The fact that this new band has the “old skool” sound of industrial reassures me that there is a movement towards returning to the music of the past. The shouting incantations are reminiscent of early German industrial, and the beats have a thunderous, stompy feel. You could play any one of the tracks and you will want to dance. There is also light-hearted synth periodically mixed throughout the release that gives it that vintage style. “Lattice of Coincidence” is my favorite gem here with its Nitzer Ebb–style breathing and sequential crashes. It really is a basic release full of amazing music. I find it monumental because it reminds us to keep things simple. Sometimes putting to many effects on things can hurt the music creations. This LA duo is one to keep your eye on. If you love industrial music, this release is for you. –Mistress Nancy