Review: Hinds – Leave Me Alone

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Leave Me Alone

Mom + Pop Records
Street: 01.08
Hinds = Alvvays + Chastity Belt + The Parrots

If you’re following this young quartet from Madrid, Spain, then you’re probably aware of how they market their band to be a kind of perpetual backyard party. It’s a little funny but also entirely believable with the personality found in their newest album, Leave Me Alone. Hinds’ two frontwomen, Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials, sing back and forth or over each other while playing lo-fi, sunny guitar riffs. Although some songs are certainly repetitive, it’s hard not to like them anyway. The album features a few singles from earlier EPs, but new tracks like “Fat Calmed Kiddos,” “Solar Gap” and “And I Will Send Your Flowers Back” are worth checking out. If you plan on picking this up, definitely pay attention to how Ade Martin’s bass lines hold everything together. –Nic Smith