Hollow Tongue
Crown and Throne Ltd.
Street: 10.03.14
Hollow Tongue = Napalm Death + Cult Leader + Extreme Noise Terror
Time/Death by Hollow Tongue is a grindcore album that I have formed a very strong love/hate relationship with. With five songs and a total running time of a little over nine minutes, it hits you hard and fast. From blast-beat metal to doom-like dirge, this album is extreme in every sense of the word. But these extremes do provide a double-edged sword. Although the time and tempo changes are very abrupt, they do follow a distinct pattern: Going from fast to slow, to fast to slow, a little dirgey riff, then it starts over and never really branches out from this equation. The only song that breaks the pattern is "Absolution." It’s a song that starts with eerie soundscapes, then leads to some amazing riffs which shows that when this band breaks out of its pattern, it can come up with something really intense and amazing. –RGB Robb