Sirs EP
Street: 02.05
Horsehands = Yes + Flaming Lips + The Blood Brothers
Boston-based Horsehands are an experiment with an old, familiar sound that is miraculously unlike anything you’ve ever heard. With vocals that can sound like Geddy Lee at times and like Tim Taylor of 3rA1N1AC at others, their debut, self-released, 13-song EP, Sirs, spans an eclectic palate of musical flavors and tempo changes that is dense and rich enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite. “Tin Horn” invokes the driving, upbeat and spat-out vocals of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender,” where “Shirts and Skins” delivers a hefty helping of dirty-sweet melodic guitars and a grungy, early-90s bass line. “Kiwanis Ow” draws on the simple surf sound of the 60s, while still creating a new, progressive sound through complex layers of controlled guitar chaos. No matter what your musical craving, Sirs is sure to satisfy. –Darcy Wouters-Russell