Human Eye

4: Into Unknown

Goner Records

Street: 03.28

Human Eye = New York Dolls + No Age + Heat Dust

I’ve been into fuzz for a while now, but the tone of the guitar’s thick, audible padding, scattered throughout 4: Into Unknown, scratch deep—enough to trigger inner-ear ASMR tingles. Throughout the album and especially in “Surface of Pluto,” the wah of the guitar solos sound like they came straight from The Stooges’ Fun House. The Stooges even seem to influence the steady punch of piano keys in the background. When the wah backs off, bubbles and laser beams shoot across the back of my head (I recommend stereo headphones) and Screaming Females guitar comes to mind. On first listen, I thought the first few bars of “Alligator Dance” were a cover of Johnny Thunders’ “Personality Crisis,” although vocally, the song sounds nothing like Thunders. The tribal beat behind slow, wondering guitar of “Into Unknown” promises to pick things back up. Instead the album ends and I restart it. –Steve Richardson