Temporary Residence

Street: 05.13

Hunterchild= The Weeknd x Prince + Robin Thicke

Channeling the masters of intimate pop and R&B, Hunterchild perfects the sexy sound without being gross (looking at you, Mr. Thicke). Although the vocals transition from smooth to raw and raspy, Hunterchild is still able to maintain the charm and allure sans the corny bullshit.

“Fantasy” and “Time Traveling Lover” mix sultry synth-pop with silky vocals, while “Work You” and “No Anchor” combine more rock-based elements under coarse vocals. Either way, it’s still sensual and seductive. So, go ahead and light the candles and lay your lady (or gentleman) down by the fireplace, because, if you put this album on, it’s about to go down. You’re welcome. –Allison Shephard