Cooperative Music

Street: 06.03

Iamamiwhoami = XXYYXX + Icona Pop

With their dreamy vocals and experimental pop sound, Iamamiwhoami deliver an album that will please many different types of music lovers. The album opens with a slow, repetitive piano beat mixed with a robotic voice that whispers poetic lyrics, while more electronic sounds are introduced. Although a few of the songs on the album sound remarkably similar to a few familiar Grimes tracks, Iamamiwhoami add their own signature twist and make it work. The song “U-2” is an electronic dance track that slows down and speeds up in all the right places, combined with dream-like vocals and a few killer beat drops. Their use of nontraditional sounds set them apart from most of what is being produced these days, and shows that, although it is weird, experimental electronic music can still be very good. –Julia Sachs