I’m In You
Mean Records
Street: 11.05
I’m In You = The Rapture + The Teenagers + Mother Mother
The straightforward drumbeats and the thick tone of the rapid bass dominate the sound palette of Trust. Ambient notes of synth keys lay behind the rhythm section, sometimes with a high-pitched, comforting sound of tinnitus ringing in your ears. I’m In You keep the guitars to a minimum, only using them for texture, giving the album a new wave feel like the darker songs of New Order filtered through Metronomy. For me, the album peaks in the middle with “Disclosure,” a track that would easily fit on the Drive soundtrack. It exemplifies all my favorite details found throughout Trust, plus intriguing melodies through held-out lyrics like, “I owe you nothing. I owe myself to you.” The ride to and from this album’s high point, though, shouldn’t be overlooked. –Steve Richardson