Infectious Garage Disease
Negative Reaction Records
Street: 04.09
IGD = S.O.D. – Sergeant D + Pre Crossover D.R.I. + Tesco Vee
Released in that pivotal time when longhairs started hitting the matinees and punx copped to liking Slayer (Hanneman RIP), IGD is as much Suicidal as it is Meatmen. I’d consider the blogosphere’s “no stone unturned” fixation on unearthing every hunk of recorded plastic a good thing (OMG Youth Patrol tape?). That being said, I can’t get down with EVERYTHING obscure receiving “classic” or even “cult” status just because it was made before Desert Storm. IGD is certainly more cult than classic, taking crossover cues and a smidgen of (shudder) gutter punk to make its mark. I’m slow to regard a song about pubic lice as anything “classic,” but it’s plenty solid. Good riffs, solid ‘tude and a healthy fascination with all things gross … nowhere near essential, but works on every level that it promises to. –Dylan Chadwick